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A little bit about us.

Barkly Glass Co is a family owned business based in the Western Suburbs in Melbourne, offers a 24 hour shutter and glass replacement service.

Barkly Glass Co was established in 1980 by Steve Djopa to provide complete glass services to domestic and commercial industry.

Barkly Glass Co is endorsed as an approved glazing company by some insurance, real estate organizations. Barkly Glass Co enjoys a close working relationship with all its clients. Due to the close working relationship our clients have gained confidence and trust in our organization and workmanship.

Barkly Glass Co owns glass cutting and polishing machinery that enables us to maintain a high level quality of workmanship and eliminate service problems.

Our company has complete control over material availability and therefore, minimizes the delay in servicing our clients. We carry a large range of glass in the factory and a smaller sample range by our glaziers on their vans. This range also includes a variety of discontinued pattern stock of glass.

All Barkly Glass Co employee are fully trained and have extensive customer and glass experience to be able to able to accommodate to each customer’s specific glazing requirements.

Barkly Glass Co has established a Quality Assurance System to ensure customers satisfaction is met on each occasion. The company strictly follows the Australian Safety Standards and guarantees all workmanship.

Barkly Glass Co is a leader in setting the standard in glass replacement in the Western Suburbs in the area of safety. The company has a comprehensive Health and Safety Program. All employees are required to undertake the “safety induction program”. This is supported by an ongoing training of safety performances in all areas.

Advantages of Using Barkly Glass Co

Barkly Glass Co prides itself on ability to provide a high quality and efficient glazing services. The company is accredited installer by the Australian Glass and Glazing Association.

Industrial Relations

Barkly Glass Co employs a non unionised workforce. All employees are on Australian Workers Agreement; eliminating the threat of any industrial action.

Barkly Glass Co prides itself on its immaculate industrial relations history.

Advanced Technology

• Receipt of work orders and Customer Billing – Barkly Glass Co has the ability to electronically receive work order requests, and electronically invoice customers.

• Job system – Barkly Glass Co uses sophisticated job tracking software that allows for the fast and accurate management of all jobs.

• Communication with Glaziers – New mobile technology allows glazier to access the Barkly Glass Co mainframe whilst on location.

• 24 hours, 7 days a week – Contact phone number allows customers to make a call to this service day or night.


Barkly Glass Co works closely with all suppliers and contractors. These relationships are critical in achieving the highest level of quality and service delivery that our customers and clients expect


Barkly Glass Co has been successful in reducing the glazier expenditure of all our corporate clients. This has been achieved through our competitive prices.

Insurance Claims

Barkly Glass Co contacts with Australia’s leading organizations have positioned us as service leaders in glass replacement with the insurance companies and other industries.

Contact Barkly Glass on:

9687 2000

496 Barkly Street (Cnr Summerhill Rd)

Footscray Melbourne VIC 3012