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Operational Excellence

Barkly Glass Co aims to provide its customers with exceptional service and information relating to the service we provide. To achieve and maintain this high level of service delivery, Barkly Glass glaziers are rewarded for achieving high standards of workmanship, compliance with OH&S guidelines.

Barkly Glass Co ensures that all customers are contacted within 30 minutes of receiving the call. At this point the scope of works is ascertained, and the customer is put at ease as to the time that the glazier will attend. Clear communication is essential. Maintaining the highest quality of every aspect of our business is the simple most important factor in meeting and exceeding our client and customer expectations.

Barkly Glass Co has in place dedicated glazier to provide service in all areas. We work openly with our glaziers with contractual agreements in place allowing us to guarantee the level and quality of service provided.

Barkly Glass Co ask customers to complete a simple questionnaire on completion of each job. This information is actually used to improve and refine our practices to help achieve consistency in all areas of customer service.

Contact Barkly Glass on:

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